• Brokerage Service
  • Customs procedures for import and export of IMPs, Supplies and Bio-samples
  • Storage and Distribution Services
  • Courier Service
  • Returns and Recalls
  • Certified Destruction
  • Re-labeling of IMPs and other supplies.
  • Tracking and issuance of shipments’ delivery/receipt forms and other recording data via GEOSTORAGE Programme
  • Document archiving
  • Sourcing of comparator medicines and other supplies

Working with biological samples

  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Collection and delivery of bio-materials;
  • Packing by using dry ice;
  • Preparation of documents for customs procedures;
  • Customs procedures;
  • Shipment insurance.

Customs brokerage Service (Import, Export)

  • Coordination of shipment movement;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Registrations;
  • Assistance in obtaining required documents for customs clearance;
  • Dangerous goods declaration;
  • Local courier service in Tbilisi and throughout Georgia;
  • Dedicated courier Service;
  • International courier service (Time critical & Temperature sensitive);
  • Cold chain distribution;
  • Investigator site support;
  • Preparing the documentation (pro-forma, awb);
  • Certified packaging solutions (Frozen, ambient);
  • Dry Ice supply and replenishment;
  • Marking and Labeling of IATA compliant;
  • Temperature control devices (Temp. loggers);
  • Reporting.


  • Own specialized vehicles;
  • Timely deliveries throughout Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan);
  • Provision of immediate delivery reports and temperature curves;
  • Shipment status tracking;
  • Express delivery of the IMP and CTM to the study sites;
  • Shipment transportation at ambient temperature, cold and frozen regimes using validated Credo boxes and calibrated ESCORT iMiniPlus Temp. Loggers ensure the integrity and safe delivery of cargo under + 15°C to +25°C ; +2°C to +8°C ; -22-35°C ; -40 -86°C

Depot Services

Storage of all types of medical products and clinical trial materials: ambient: +15°C +25°C; refrigerated: +2°C +8°C; frozen: -20°C -35°C; deep freeze -86°C;; Liquide nitrogen − 196 °C

The temperature and humidity conditions are monitored and recorded by a centrally installed temperature and humidity monitoring system with SMS alarms and notifications on deviations and excursions.

  • Receiving of the IMP and CTM in the warehouse;
  • Registration of the IMP and CTM with the GEOSTORAGE validated program;
  • Shipment receiving approval;
  • Re-packing the shipment;
  • Re-labeling of the shipment;
  • storage and approval to receive the returned shipment;
  • Used and unused IMP and CTM utilization by the licensed company.
  • Storage service in Liquide Nitrogen, project management, distribution, and preparation for export

Patient Transportation Service

  • We can offer transportation of patients, within and outside Tbilisi;
  • Regulatory Service

Nurse Transportation Service

  • Nurse transportation to the patient and back within Tbilisi and outside Georgia
  • Tracking Service of Nurse Transportation
  • Data recording taking into consideration “Personal data protection requirement”

Regulatory services

  • Regulatory Support from Local Expert;
  • Registration of pharmaceutical product for the commercial purposes;
  • Local Regulatory expertise;
  • Assistance in understanding local practice and procedures.

Additional Services

  • Comparator Sourcing and Clinical Supply;

  • Home care services;

  • Translation and Printing Services;

  • Insurance.