LTD “GEOSTORAGE” competitive advantage source is qualitative characteristics of technological, administrative and production resources (machinery and equipment, technical and administrative personnel, process-oriented management and leadership), that provides differentiated service. It is essential to improve quality and qualitative specifications and characteristics of service, that differs the company service from competitors


GEOSTORGAE Ltd has been providing a wide range of high quality logistical services (24/7) for clinical trials since 2010. Storage and distribution, shipment tracking and qualifications, regulatory consultancy enables GEOSTORAGE’s successful position on local market.


Organizational values:

  • Quality of the implemented projects and provided services ;
  • Customers are long-term asset of organization;
  • Approved procedures, experiences, policies and relationships have impacts on customer satisfaction;
  • Increase of the awareness and reliability of brand equity is important for the management team ;

Strategic directions of the company:

  • Based on technological improvement, provide and offer innovative services
  • Establishing and maintaining long term relationship with customers and suppliers;
  • Competent technical and administrative team;
  • Leadership style;
  • Management team provides improvement of brand awareness and reliability, based on brand equity position;
  • Increase of market share, based on scope;


  • Trained and qualified personnel
  • Knowledgeable and experienced management
  • Comprehensive software and hardware operating system
  • Proven medical warehouse facility and validated devices
  • Personnel cross-control system

Quality Policy:

To gain reliability of a new customer, Ltd “GEOSTORAGE” implements, develops and improves quality system, that includes approaches on leadership, technology development and qualification of administrative and technical staff. This is confirmed with certification and licenses.

  • Senior Management Responsibility for Quality Management System (QMS) is determined in Quality Management Policy
  • Improvement of QMS according to ISO 9001-2015
  • Following essential guiding principles (GMP, GDP, GSP) over the years
  • conducted 30+ Audits without major or critical findings
  • GEOSTORAGE is a fully licensed wholesaler of pharmaceutical supplies,
  • The company is holder of ISO 9001-2015 certificate (issued by Intertek) from 2019 and GDP certificate (issued by SGS) from 2018

Quality Management System

At GEOSTORAGE, quality is everyone’s first priority.

  • improvements in internal control and monitoring systems
  • the sense of staff commitment in quality service providing processes
  • financial efficiency
  • efficiency and effectiveness of internal business processes
  • The need of attracting new clients
  • The need of establishing leader company image and reputation in the local market.